Connie Francis CD Reviews, Part 3

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Last update: 6/9/00

Review listings includes (date placed on website):

Editors Note to Readers

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It would also help me (and others) a lot to notify me of any errors.

Michael Wright
Website Editor

Date of review and market availability: Some of these CDs and the sources listed on the following parts may no longer be available. Some have closed since the review was posted (note the date). Rather than trying to track market availability, many listings are left in place for references.

Miscellaneous CDs of Connie music (3/20/99)

Here are a number of various CDs that have recently been released and are available from the sources listed.

The song Senza Fine from the movie Flight of the Phoenix is released on CD. It's one song among 32 others on a CD with the songs from the movies Patton and Flight of the Phoenix (two on one). This is a limited edition available exclusively from Film Score Monthly. Senza Fine track with Connie Francis vocal goes from English to Italian and back in stereo, running time 2:14. $19.95 plus shipping. For more information, see or refer to:

Connie Francis, her Greatest Hits & Finest Performances
There's a 3CD set listed in Collector's Choice Music Catalog as "Not in stores" and the title and track listing matches a 1997 release by Reader's Digest (Australia). This is also the same as the Reader's Digest release as listed on the CD Review Section #2. To order call,

Songs To A Swinging Band
From Japan, this is an exact re-release (including cover art) of the original MGM LP, SE-3893. It is available from Thoughtscape Sounds at 1-800-435-6185 or Another source is Sound Source at (323) 857-5701. Both Thoughtscape and Sound Source do special orders from Japanese distributors.

The Very Best of Conny Francis
$17, order number PD30083
No, it is not a typo. This picture LP from Holland is a vinyl record with a large photo of Connie imprinted on it. It is the same pose as on the Songs To A Swinging Band picture sleeve (legs crossed, hands raised, nice smile). For an image of this LP, click here. Note: I.D. International Disc has recently closed down. I'm working on finding alternate sources for many of the Connie Francis CDs they offered. website editor

Japanese Box Set
There has been talk of a large CD set to be released from Japan but the current status is that it is still on hold indefinitely.

Connie Francis MGM albums (LPs) on CD by Pendelum (updated 6/9/00)

Note: Pendelum has gone out of business. Following text is listed below simply as a reference. Future titles of CDs by Connie Francis will not be released from Pendelum. However, some of the big name CD sites may still have stock.

Have you ever wished you could a buy a brand new Connie Francis record during her career with MGM, or wished you can do it again? Well now you can! MGM no longer sells Connie Francis records but Pendelum re-issued the same LPs on CD. Experience the depth and fidelity of Connie's voice on new CDs beginning with her first album. Here is an opportunity to experience the variety of Connie's mulifacted talents from some of these previously "hard to get" albums.

Never On Sunday and other title songs from motion pictures, PEG037

Connie At The Copa, PEG036
Songs To A Swinging Band, PEG035
More Italian Favorites, PEG034
Jewish Favorites, PEG033
Spanish & Latin American Favorites, PEG026

Country 'N Western Golden Hits, PEG025

Rock N' Roll Million Sellers, PEG024

Christmas In My Heart, PEG021

Italian Favorites, PEG020

My Thanks To You, PEG019

The Exciting Connie Francis, PEG018

Who's Sorry Now, PEG017

To order, use sources below. Pendelum is gone (their email no longer works).

These CDs are also available from:

Colorado - Disc Collectors (303) 841-3000

CD Now at carries the new releases from Pendulum. Click here for the Connie Francis discography website of CD Now.

Music Boulevard
1-800-99MUSIC or (610) 293-4793

The price is subject to sales tax in California, New York and Pennsylvania. Also, if you order one, you pay $2.99 shipping and handling. If you order more than one, then you pay $1.99 each for shipping and handling.

Country 'N Western Golden Hits by Pendulum.
Rock N' Roll Million Sellers by Pendulum.
Sings Spanish & Latin American by Pendulum.

Footlight Records
113 East 12th St
New York, NY 10003

CD Universe
101 N. Plains Industrial Road
Wallingford CT 06492
Phone: 800-231-7937 or 203-294-1648

Record Explosion
507 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10017

The Italian Collection. Volumes 1 & 2
1997, Volume One. Polydor 31453 9556-2, Volume Two. Polydor 31453 9557-2

Song List:

Connie Francis Italian Collection, Vol.I:

Tango Della Gelosia (Jealous Of You), Mamma, Chitarra Romana, Terra Straniera, Tango Delle Rose, Ritorna A Me, Ciao,Ciao Bambino, Non Dimenticar, Summertime In Venice, Arrivederci Roma, Al Di La', Il Cielo In Una Stanza, Canta Ragazzina, Notti Di Spagna (Spanish Nights And You), La Paloma (Pure Italian Version), Portami Con Te (Pure Italian), Addio Mi' Amore, Gli Occhi Di Mia Madre (My Mother's Eyes), Non Pensare A Me (Time Alone Will Tell), Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te (You Don't Have To Say You Love Me)

Italian Collection, Vol. II:

Souvenir D'italie, Senza Mamma E Nnammurata, Piscatore 'e Pusilleco, Statte Vicino A Mme, I' Te Vurria Vasa', Passione, Scalinatella, 'na Voce,'na Chitarra E O Poco 'e Luna, La Mamma (For Mama), Munasterio 'e Santa Chiara, O Marenariello (Vicino O Mare-I Have But One Heart), Guaglione, Malafemmena , Luna Caprese, Nun E' Peccato, Anema E Core, Comm'e' Bella A Stagione, Neapolitan Medley: Chillo Lla', Scapricciatiello, Torna A Surriento


After months of many late night hours of compiling a CD with of greatest care and effort, this set has got to be one of the most elegant reproductions ever. Pat Niglio worked closely with Connie on selecting the songs and worked with Bill Levenson of Polygram, and they have produced a real treasure. It was to be completed earlier this year, but instead ***quality*** was very important and so more work went into it to have a finished product as flawless as can be. It is also a listening pleasure even for those with no knowledge of Italian language because Connie's voice and presentation is more than just words.

Click here for the excellent essay used on the CD liner notes.

This is a two CD set. Each volume is sold separately. However, both have the same cover art, so one needs to read the label when they are buying a volume.

Available from:

Tower Record stores

Music Boulevard
1-800-99MUSIC or (610) 293-4793

Jewish Favorites
Catalog # YD-CFR-10C Price: $10.98

Catalog # YD-CFR-10D Price: $17.98

The Jewish Music Page say that Connie's Yiddish is meticulous.

Song List:

Anniversary Song, Eli Eli, Fiddler On The Roof/To Life, Havah Negilah, I Love You Too Much, Mein Shtetele Belz, Mother Dear, My Yiddishe Momme, O Mein Papa, Oifen Pripetchik, Shein Vi De Levone, Sunrise Sunset, Tzena, Tzena, Wus Geven Is Geven, Yossel,Yossel

Available from:

Tara Publications
PO Box 707 - Owings Mills MD 21117 USA
Phone:1-800-TARA-400 or (410) 654-0880
Fax: 1-800-TARA-403 or (410) 654-0881
Album info at

New CDs from ID International

Note: I.D. International Disc has recently closed down. I'm working on finding alternate sources for many of the Connie Francis CDs they offered. website editor

The Very Best of Connie Francis (Japanese release)
Polydor POCP-1679, Made in Japan, $25
(songs in English, except Where The Boys Are which was recently in a Japanese film Boy Hunt.) This CD also has lyrics both in English and in Japanese for all 26 songs.

Connie Francis Die Liebe ist ein seltsames Spiel (German release, 2 CD set)
1997 Polydor GmbH 539-503-2, $28

I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter
POCP 1687 (Japanese Release), $23
All of Sazanami's translations are on this and the two that have never been released before on CD in Japanese are Your Other Love and If My Pillow Could Talk. Sazanami is the composer who translated many of Connie's songs to Japanese. Only two of these songs are in stereo. They are Baby's First Christmas and Don't Ever Leave Me. The rest are in mono.

The POCP 1687 CD is also available from Footlight Records in NY at 212-533-1572.

Songs to a Swinging Band (Japanese release)
(call ID International for price and ordering info)

Available from:

Note: I.D. International Disc has recently closed down. I'm working on finding alternate sources for many of the Connie Francis CDs they offered. website editor

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