Exam Stories

Someone failed the EIT exam by one point. He returned to take it again.

Someone took the dental assistant exam seven times before she passed. She knew the material but she would "challenge" the multiple choice answers because none of them were "correct." For multiple choice you select the right answer, don't try to find the "correct" one.

In the 1950s, an engineer took his EIT exam on a Friday and the PE exam the next day. He crammed for both exams and did not sleep enough the nights before, but he passed both exams. He was highly motivated to pass both exams. If he failed the EIT, even with a passing score on the PE, he would still had to take both exams, again!

Someone found out he passed the exam by 76 points out of 80 where 48 is the passing score. But he filed a complaint with the State Board because he felt that he was entitled to the full 80 points. This would not make any difference legally because PE exams are a pass and fail standard. They are not weighted with grades like college degrees.

Two college seniors traveled many miles to their EIT exam site. After the exam, both were confident they passed, they decided to stop at every bar and get hammered on the way home. Not only did they made it home alive, they passed the exam.

Recently, an 84 year old electrical engineer who obtained his PE in the 1940s by grandfathering, inquired about obtaining a civil PE. He wanted to find out about requirements to obtain the civil PE which also includes taking and passing the exam. Apparently, he wants to design a modular home which he is not authorize to approve with his current electrical PE.

A former president of IEEE in his seventies recently took and passed the PE exam.

Someone found out they passed the electrical contractor license exam two weeks after he took the exam. The state board told the candidates it will be months before they receive exam results. However, two weeks after the exam, he was receiving junk mail pertaining to equipment sales and project bids. The letters addressed his name and a license number. Apparently, the state board quickly graded the exams and published the roster of licensed electrical contractors, which vendors and project administrators use to locate prospective contractors. He figured he must have passed and began conducting business now that he has a license number. A few months later the state board mailed him a notice that he passed the exam (congratulations!) with a note saying if he sends in $15, they will inform him of his license number.

One of the three skydiving instructor ratings is called Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) and the certification course is very difficult to pass. Exams are both written and practical that also includes air skills testing. Evaluators pose as "students" for the AFF candidates and many candidates complain that the evaluators only purpose is to flunk candidates. The evaluators simply respond to this accusation that they are only doing what real students have done to them. Less than half of the AFF candidates pass the course the first time around.

Any PE license in Alaska requires the candidates to take the stress analysis exam including those who receive a PE electrical through reciprocity. In fact, people have flown to Alaska for the only purpose of taking the stress analysis exam.

During a State Bar exam, proctors were curious about small wads of paper on the floor under an examinee. This person was using toilet paper to chew on since cigarettes, gum, and candy are not allowed during exams.

Someone almost passed out during the State Bar exam because he did not have breakfast.

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