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Last update: 6/5/04

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A real sensation: Connie Francis, "Das Sommerfest der Volksmusik" (June 5, 2004)

Connie was a star-guest on the ARD-TV Music-Show "Das Sommerfest der Volksmusik" in Magdeburg, Germany

from Sigi in Switzerland who sent me a translation of the article on

Sensation! She comes at June 5, 2004 in the show "Das Sommerfest der Volksmusik"! ( Summer-festival of the country-music).

As we hear, she will sing a medley of her greatest successes, sung in German!

This is indeed a real sensation: CONNIE FRANCIS will be on stage, at June 5, 2004 as a star-guest, in the ARD-TV Music-Show "Das Sommerfest der Volksmusik"

(Life-Show, and will sing, a medley of her greatest successes, sung in German!)

The American singer had her first worldhit 1958 with "Who sorry now", and followed innumerable more worldhits. In Germany, she was well known with the hits "Schoener fremder Mann" (Someone elses boy) or "Die Liebe ist ein seltsames Spiel" (Everybody's somebody's fool!) With her wonderful voice with a tear inside, she gave a special sign!

Connie Francis had a lot of strokes of fate.

How wonderful that she will appear to the German fans. How is she looking today? [ like Gina Lollobrigida, she looks great. ]

Connie on Art & Understanding Magazine (March 2004)

Connie was featured on the cover of the March, 2004 edition of Art & Understanding Magazine. There is a very nice and lively article about Connie, in which she discusses a wide range of subjects. Check it out at the magazine's Web site You can also read the article on their website at

Downloadable Posters (from 2004)

Downloadable posters with large images of Connie that look great when printed on 11X17 paper, at this site This site has other actresses as well. I sent him scans of Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, and Jane Russell.

Connie on Larry King Live (March 2004)

Connie was on Larry King Live on March 11, 2004 (though taped several weeks before). Although Larry was gracious, I was not happy that he kept dwelling on all the problems Connie had. At least they had some clips of her singing in other languages but I wish they talked more of how she crossover into other forms of music, most of her recordings were not rock-n-roll. Anyway, here's a few messages I received after that presentation:

MAJ Glenn MacDonald, USAR (Ret) writes:

Robert Fisher writes:

Lise Martin writes:

Mike Panigrosso writes:

There were a significant number of hits to this website (much more than usual) I would expect the same for the photo gallery. This gallery has limited access as Geocities limited transfer rates so I expect it to be down quite a bit in the near future. You may have keep trying. It also appears that CNN used many of those photos, which can easily be done as many are in large high res sizes.

Caine Mutiny (from 2003)
by Charlie Buzbee

I did not know until today that the song "I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT YOUR IN LOVE WITH ME" the song sang by Connie and Danny Thomas was from the movie THE CAINE MUTINY until today. Of course I had to take out the 'WHERE THE BOYS ARE CONNIE FRANCIS IN HOLLYWOOD" cd and play the song. If any of you do not have this cd, please consider buying it. I would give it a 10 rating out of 10. The cd has all of Connie's songs from her movies plus four demos. The booklet with the cd is worth the price of the cd. They even have an introduction to the set written by Connie dated 1/17/1997 and nice clips from the movies.

Album Frames (from 2002)
(author unknown)

I found this website that sells album and cd frames for hanging LP's, CD's and 45 RPM picture sleeves. Just wanted to pass this on.

Songs from Happy Days (from 2002)
(author unknown)

Does anyone get the show Happy Days? There are some episodes where there's connie's songs a playing. like who's sorry now stupd cupid, lipstick on your collar and etc. I was messing with my 45s played the German recordings as those are some of my favorites by her, I may not understand them but they sound pretty good.

An interesting footnote to this is that Connie entered the recording studio to re-record the tracks heard on various episodes of the Happy Days TV series. No they are not commerically available... Keep listening to those German tracks! And if you can, give a listen to Happy Girl or Keep Smiling... They are beautiful!

Connie Francis Song List, missing item (from 2002)
(author unknown)

One missing item is the (excellent) Italian version of 'Breaking in a Brand New Broken Heart', entitled LA VALLE SENZA ECHO.

Connie on Steve Allen show (from 2002)
(author unknown)

if you find out anything about 'robot man' cd, will you let me/us know. if only these compilers would realise that it's the OTHER side of connie francis that makes her the greatest voice in american popular music. the ballads, the bigband stuff, the 'b' sides. well, you know what i mean.

It was the Steve Allen show, filmed at the UCLA campus. I know this because I mentioned the song NOBODY RICHER THAN ME to Connie several years ago and she immediatly knew what I was talking about and told me where it was filmed. The segment of her singing TWEEDLE DEE has been cut from the master and released on home video sometime in the 80's. In the original, she comes onto the stage carrying an inordinate amount of books. Steve and Connie joke about it being tweedle dee or tweedle dum. He takes the books from her, and she begins to sing. The audience, college students all in crew-cuts (the haircut of the day) is sitting within touching distance to her. PENNIES FROM HEAVEN was actually a kind of comedy skit. Steve and Frankie are on a bicycle built for two and Connie is sitting on a special seat on the handle bars. Together, as they bicycle around, they sing STANDING ON THE CORNER, PENNIES FROM HEAVEN, Another song that starts out with "On a weekend morning, with out a warning, I looked at you and I knew..." The name escapes me (remember I can not pinpoint the tapes location) even though I can sing the words. Connie is button cute, and her voice is exceptional. I have no idea where the tape originally came from.

Photo of Connie and Peter (from 2002)
(author unknown)

The mentioned photo of Connie and Peter was shot after the Peter Kraus Show in Zurich, Switzerland, Oct. 1992, and not in Wiesbaden, Germany like mentioned in the gallery! I was there when this photo was made.

Singapore and Connie, Still a Large Following (from 2002)
(author unknown)

I am from Singapore and Connie used to have a large followings here. We even had Connie Francis sound alike contest on stage when CF's movies were shown here. Even to this day, she still has a large following. I know because our local radio was featuring star of yesterday and on the night they featured Connie, the DJ asked the listeners to call in if they wanted to hear "Ivory Tower". Boy, the phone line was jamed with calls for approval. Funny, when I was 10 (1957) I was visiting my married sister. While playing with other children, I was suddenly attracted to a song sung by a lady that my brother-in-law was playing. I just like that strange voice, and when I looked at the Jacket I saw a beautiful "Hong Mo Po" (red hair lady = caucasian) but I dont know her. A couple of years later when I came to like her songs, it dawned on me that THAT "Hong Mo Po" was actally connie! Wow, her unique voice really has magnetic power, even on little children, hehe.

Whos Sorry Now leading charts in Brasil (from 2002)

Pat Niglio said that Whos Sorry Now is on the leading charts of popular music in Brasil. The song is used for a soap opera being broadcasted in Brasil so all of a sudden the song is popular in the country.

Rock 'n' Roll Museum in the Netherlands (from 2002)
by Jan Willem de Gee

On July 15th I visited the Rock and Roll Museum in Arum, which is a very very small country town in the northern part of the Netherlands.

I brought them some of my own Connie memorabilia. Theo (the owner) and his American wife were very pleased with the material.

They have many things from the 50's and the 60's, e.g. a separate "Elvis room." In the general section (downstairs) they have quite some things on Connie, e.g. record sleeves (albums and singles), photographs, records and some document of American Bandstand, carrying Connie's autograph. Moreover they had old clippings from music and teen magazines from the 50's and 60's. In 1962 Connie was voted the most popular female singer in the Netherlands, with more than 50% of the votes ! So this museum hasn't overlooked Connie at all. Of all girl singers of that period, Connie's presence in the museum was most prominent.

W.M.I. Distribution Inc. (from 2001)

W.M.I. Distribution Inc. is one of North America's leading wholesalers of imports. W.M.I. Distribution Inc offers over 1.1 million imported items, all listed on website at For more information on how you can buy direct from W.M.I. Distribution Inc. Visit the website or call at (403) 272-6964. For retail sales, go to (which is the website you will arrive if going to the ID International website).

Vinyl Records (from 2001)

Another source for Connie Francis vinyl records is at
Dinosaur Records
762 Broadway
Bayonne, NJ 07002
Phone: (201) 339-3105
E-Mail: dinovinyl @

Various Connie Francis CDs including foreign releases from CD Universe,+Connie&frm=lk_wwwlyric

Connie Francis vinyl records by

Connie Francis vinyl records by Wonderyears at

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