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Editor's Note: Latest news is this movie project has been cancelled.

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Gloria Estefan singing "Where the Boys Are"
live on stage at Hard Rock cafe in Florida Oct 24, 2008

Gloria Estefan has been working on a film about Connie Francis. Gloria is planning to portray Connie and there is talk of Danny De Vito will be Connie’s Dad, Olympia Dukakis as her mom. Screenplay is fairly completed, filming is reported to begin soon though this has been mentioned for past couple years.

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May, 2008

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May, 2008

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November 24, 2006
By ADRIAN SAINZ, The Associated Press

Estefan Detailed Biography, April 2006:

from Guy Consterdine
As we expected, the title of the movie is to be Who's Sorry Now. It was almost inevitable. This item says filming will start this year, unlike a note a week or two ago which said not till 2007. At least it implies that Gloria believes she's got someone prepared to back the film financially and someone who's ready to direct and produce it.

World Entertainment News Network in 2002:

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