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Last update: 5-26-17

APRS portable package with OT-USB, GPS receiver, Nonin 3212 oximeter, and Kenwood TH-F6 I wrote the following to document how I configured radios for APRS position and PulseOx oximeter data telemetry (and for me in case I forget specifics on configuring this device).

My APRS portable package includes ArgentData OT-USB, GPS receiver, Nonin 3212 oximeter, and Kenwood TH-F6. 12VDC source (battery) connects to the red and black powerpole connector (battery not in photo).

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Nonin 3212 oximeter on finger Nonin 3212 oximeter is placed on my index finger, it connects to a Argent Data OT-USB that sends APRS packet data to a Kenwood TH-F6 portable radio. The BK DPH handheld in the left is used for voice contacts. Nonin 3212 oximeter has three connections: +5VDC, common, and RS232 9600 baud data out (but serial data is non-standard).

Other photos:

Tracker3 T3-Mini, new item for Jan 2014: T3mini inside box with connectors topside

Connection Diagrams: GPS receiver and Nonin 3212 Pulse Oximeter to OpenTracker-USB connection diagram

ArgentData OpenTracker-USB data tracker configuration ArgentData OpenTracker-USB data tracker configuration:

aprs data from hike on Angel Island

OpenTracker-USB data collection:

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